Fayette County Clerk of Superior, State & Magistrate Courts
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[dir] Visiting Judge 926.3 KB2019-Apr-19
[dir] Trials 0.0  B2007-Mar-19
[dir] Trial Calendars 0.0  B2012-Apr-02
[dir] Sex Offender List 338.5 KB2012-Mar-10
[dir] Protective Order Forms 3.8 MB2018-Sep-10
[dir] Press Releases 161.9 KB2018-Nov-30
[dir] Notary Public Forms 121.7 KB2007-May-21
[dir] Magistrate Court Calendars 1.3 MB2019-Apr-17
[dir] Local Orders 541.9 KB2016-Jan-11
[dir] Local Notices 69.1 KB2019-Feb-05
[dir] Local Forms 4.4 MB2010-Oct-26
[dir] Jury 0.0  B2006-Oct-04
[dir] Juror Forms 77.8 KB2017-Jan-19
[dir] Judge Thompson 7.0 MB2017-May-31
[dir] Judge Sams 3.0 MB2018-Nov-30
[dir] Judge Edwards 3.9 MB2018-Nov-30
[dir] Judge Crawford 1.2 MB2018-Nov-30
[dir] Judge Ballard 1.7 MB2019-Apr-02
[dir] GA Bar Disciplinary Actions 9.4 MB2016-Feb-17
[dir] Fees 61.3 KB2019-Jan-07
[dir] Displays 71.2 KB2013-Aug-08
[dir] Board of Equalization 9.3 KB2017-Aug-18
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